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General Information and FAQ’s

Internal + External use

Lengths 80cm – 1.2m
We do also offer 2-2.4m + 3m lengths of reclaimed pallet wood wall cladding upon request.

Widths between 70mm – 145mm
Each sq m pack contains equal width boards for easy fitting.

Thickness between 15-20mm

All planks are denailed, meaning the nail has been cut at the base of the shank leaving the head in for rustic effect. Or the nail has been removed completely.

Quality Controlled
No splits, warps, twists, mould or damp on any boards. We check each board by hand as it is processed. If a board doesn’t meet our strict criteria, we have other uses for it.

We dry store all our timber and only send out boards which are suitably dry for immediate use. The last thing you need is to install damp timber internally which could warp and shrink.

Like any construction project, we recommend purchasing an extra 10% on top of what you need for your Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall project.

Repeat Orders
We get a lot of repeat orders, we do try to keep an eye out for repeat customers but sometimes it goes unnoticed. If you need to order a little bit more to finish your project, please let us know the width of the boards you have received. This way we can send out the same kind of timber to match your existing project.

We offer a quality guarantee – if you are not happy with any boards, we will replace them free of charge.

Rustic Cladding UK Ltd supplies Reclaimed Pallet Wood Cladding ideal for Interior + Exterior use

Perfect to go straight up inside your home or commercial premises. Cladding ideal for retail outlets, restaurants, bars, markets, kitchens, bedrooms, ceilings, flooring, fishtanks;  You name it, some of our customers have probably done it.

Most of our customers fitting the pallet boards internally leave as it is in its rustic form.

We do have customers who need it to be sanded for a smoother retail finish that doesn’t run as much risk of the odd splinter. If you do need it sanded, we do offer an option to sell the pallet wood cladding as sanded. This can be found on our listings.

If you’re unsure, we would recommend purchasing the timber unsanded and installing like that… you can then see how it looks once it is up – if you do think it needs a quick sand, it will only be that – a quick sand.

The reclaimed pallet wood cladding can also be used externally. We have had customers use it for fences, sheds, decking, and even trailers. If using externally we would recommend using a suitable product to seal and protect against the elements.

 See further below for examples of different finishes.

How to install your wooden cladding:

Best results are achieved when the wall behind is painted black. This way the small gaps that sometimes appear between planks cannot be noticed.

It’s also worth bearing in mind lighting before installation, as electrics will need to be wired up first.

Methods of installing vary depending on what surface you are installing onto;

The most popular method of installing the pallet wood boards is to screw batons vertically up the wall in set intervals.
From there, you can screw / nail your planks horizontally into the batons. Going along row by row.

Adhesive / Glue
We do have customer who glue the planks straight onto the wall. It is not something we have done ourselves but the results do look impressive. This is ideal for large plasterboard walls.

There are some great videos on youtube to show you tips and tricks if it is your first doing anything like this. It is well worth 20minutes of your time investigating – it could potentially save a few hours and make your finished project look 10x better.

Different DIY Finishes

Most of our customers leave the reclaimed pallet wood planks as they are, working with the rustic nature of the wood to achieve the desired result. Sometimes customers do like to DIY finish the timber to get the exact look they want. There are a few ways of doing this;

Painted – Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.  Pallet Boards can be painted at any point in the future if a change of décor is wanted later down the line.

Varnished – Ideal for outdoor use. A clear yacht varnish is perfect for external shop signs for example

Waxed – Various waxes can give a nice shine when done properly. Most waxes are for internal use only.

Oiled – Some customers use oils to bring out the different natural colours in the timber.

Fire Rating for our Pallet Wood Wall Cladding

We do also have customers who need the pallet boards to be fire rated for certain commercial applications. Rustic Cladding UK Ltd do not do this ourselves but it is possible; A quick search online will find several products and companies with very helpful customers service staff for advice if needed.

Dispatch + Postage

We aim to dispatch all orders within 2 working days. If for any reason there is a delay to your order we will be in touch at the earliest time possible.

Please note:
We do not keep sanded, lightweight or fire-classed reclaimed pallet wood in stock so orders may take longer to dispatch.

We use a tracked and signed for parcelforce 24-hour service. 99% of the time this service delivers within 24 hours of collection from us but please do be prepared for a slight delay on the odd occasion.

We also use a national pallet delivery service. Again, 99% of the time this service delivers exactly on time however please be prepared for a slight delay on the odd occasion.

Once we have booked postage + delivery of your pallet wood order we will follow up with you to let you know tracking details.

For pallet deliveries somebody needs to be at home. If nobody is at the address and nobody answers the phone number provided there will be a £25 redelivery charge payable directly to the pallet network.

Sustainable Building + your Carbon Footprint

By using reclaimed timber you are personally contributing to reducing the need for raw materials to be cut down. The whole chain from cutting the tree down, transportation to sawmills and processing into simple wooden planks uses a lot of heavy machinery and energy intensive methods. By reusing perfectly good timber you are directly responsible for reducing the need for these processes.

It’s a win win – reduce trees being cut down, reduce energy intensive processes, reduce haulage, reduce wood waste being burnt, reduce wood waste going through more energy intensive processes, Lock Carbon into your home. By making a small responsible consumer choice the impact on the planet is bigger than you think.

Using a Carbon Calculator

In the last 12 months alone we estimate :

401 metric tons of CO2 locked in our customers projects.

That is equivalent to:

118 cars off the road for a year


Enough energy to operate 59 homes a year

This is something we are extremely proud of. Everybody has a small part to play in averting the climate crisis facing us and all our customers can give themselves a pat on the back!

We are proud to be founding members of the ‘National Reclaimed Wood Association’. This is an organisation promoting and certifying the use of reclaimed timber. By purchasing rustic reclaimed pallet wood wall cladding from Rustic Cladding UK Ltd you can be safe in the knowledge it is genuinely reclaimed. Unfortunately we do know of unscrupulous furniture makers and timber retailers who sell new timber as ‘reclaimed’. Please check for the National Reclaimed Wood Association logo or affiliation when purchasing reclaimed timber + furniture.

We are a family business trying to be socially and environmentally responsible. We employ local people on good pay with full employment benefits. By purchasing reclaimed pallet boards and cladding from us you are contributing to our local sustainable circular economy.

 We don’t pay people cash, we pay at least minimum wage, we pay our taxes quite happily knowing this is what responsible companies should do to play our part in society. Margins in this industry are tight. if you’ve found this product cheaper great, chances are the company isn’t as honest as us or the quality of the timber isn’t as good.


All photos of pallet wood projects published or used by Rustic Cladding UK Ltd on any platform have been installed by us or provided to us by our customers. If our photos are found to be used by anyone else for commercial purposes we will pursue this via legal means. 

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