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Fire Resistant Pallet Wood Cladding | 10 Sq M | £999.95

£995.95 + VAT

Fire Classed Reclaimed Rustic Pallet Wood Wall Cladding  |  Pallet Wood Wall Planks for Wood Panelling  |

Dry Reclaimed Rustic Pallet Wood, Ready to Fit, Fire-Classed.

Ideal for Commercial Use

  • Euroclass B (BS Class 0) Graded with Certificate.
  • Price is for 10 Square Meters of our Reclaimed Rustic Pallet Wood Wall Cladding, This is the minimum order
  • This has to be Sanded in accordance with the fire retardant’s instructions of use. We can then apply several coats of retardant, allowing drying between coats at a specific temprature.
  • Lead times for Fire Classed Reclaimed PAllet Wood Cladding are 3-4 weeks from point of order. This is to allow time for preparation inspection and certification


Pallet Cladding Specifics

  • Equal Width Boards in each Sq M pack,
  • Lengths of Boards per sq. m between 80cm-120cm
  • We can supply lengths at 2-2.4M if needed, please contact us before placing your order to confirm shipping costs.
  • 20mm(ish) Thickness.
  • Denailed – nails grinded off just leaving the head in for character.

This is our reclaimed Rustic Pallet Wood Wall Cladding Range, sanded and prepared to comply with Euroclass B (BS Class 0) Fire Ratings

  • We filter out any split planks + planks that arent fit for purpose.
  • Fire Resistant Pallet Cladding is perfect for Retail + Commercial Use.
  • If you are after a different type of finish – Check out our listings for other ranges such as: New, Scorched, Sanded, Lightweight, Hardwood/Softwood mix, Fire-Classed.
  • We specifically + carefully select our pallet wood. We do NOT use the commonly used Europals (ePals), this is because ePals have had an extremely long and undocumented life. Internal + External tests have shown a large percentage contain toxic carcinogenic chemicals.

Delivery and Specifics

  • Once delivery has been booked we will send an email to confirm estimated delivery times and order details. This is usually 3-4 weeks from point of order but may vary in busy times.
  • Free Delivery on all orders to mainland UK.
  • for regions not classed as mainland UK we may be in touch for an extra postage surcharge
  • Custom Order – Fire Resistant Pallet Cladding is classed as a custom bespoke order, we don’t stock this item and only prepare them as orders come in. If you have any specific requirements regarding your order please contact us first.
  • Cutting Service – If you need boards cutting to a specific length we can offer this. Please contact us before placing your order to verify costings. We usually charge £1 + vat / board
  • If you have ordered previously and are ordering to finish a project we need to know what width of boards you received to be able to match your timber. There may be a chance we cannot get an exact match so its always best to order too much on your first go than too little.