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Scorched / Charred / Burnt Pallet Wood – 10 Sq M

£220.00 + VAT

Scorched ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ Style Pallet Wood Wall Cladding.

Using our Reclaimed Rustic boards we scorch these in house to order using only the latest techniques.

Burnt Rustic Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall Cladding | Scorched Reclaimed Wood Wall Planks for Interior + Exterior Use | Pallet Boards for Pallet Wood Cladding.

Dry Reclaimed Pallet Wood – Ideal for Commercial + Home use.

Price for 10 Square Meters

Equal Width Boards in each Sq M pack for easy fitting.
Lengths of Boards per sq. m between 80cm – 120cm :
We can supply lengths at 2-2.4M if needed, please contact us before placing your order.
20mm(ish) Thickness.
Denailed – nails grinded off just leaving the head in for character,

This is our Scorched ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ Pallet Wood Wall Cladding range; characterful and rustic. we filter out any split planks + planks that arent fit for purpose.

If you are after a different type of finish – Check out our listings for other ranges such as: New, Lightweight, Sanded, Hardwood/Softwood mix, Rustic, Fire-Classed

We specifically + carefully select our pallet wood. We do NOT use the commonly used Europals (ePals), this is because ePals have had an extremely long and undocumented life. Internal + External tests have shown a large percentage contain toxic carcinogenic chemicals.

Free Delivery to mainland UK on all orders except where we have asked to contact us first. please add 3-5 days onto delivery times for the Scorched ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ Style Range

Quality Guarantee – If for any reason you aren’t happy with any planks we will replace them immediately.

Fire Rating – This does not come fire rated although we can offer this service upon request.

Cutting Service – If you need boards cutting to a specific length we can offer this. Please contact us before placing your order to verify costings. We usually charge £1 + vat / board

If you have ordered previously and are ordering to finish a project we need to know what width of boards you received to be able to match your timber. There may be a chance we cannot get an exact match so its always best to order too much on your first go than too little.